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Leah Lin, MD 

Founder and Chair 

Dr. Leah Lin is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Radiology at Keck School of Medicine of USC, the Director of the USC Research Lung Cancer Screening program and the Associate Section Chief of Cardiothoracic Imaging. 

Dr. Lin has a passion for teaching and mentoring all Radiology trainees, and has a special interest in mentoring and increasing the number of women in Radiology. Her interest in this field began with learning about the #BeEthical campaign initiated by Dr. Julie Silver at Harvard Medical School. This campaign spreads awareness of the barriers women in medicine face and the importance of having diversity in medicine in order to optimize patient care and scientific discovery. Dr. Lin created this WORLD group here at USC to provide a supportive forum to promote honest discussion and positive change in the realms of gender equity, career advancement, work-life balance and to champion professional development and promotion of women in medicine and science. 


Our Vision

The mission of our Women in Radiology Leadership and Diversity (WORLD) group is to provide support, camaraderie, and mentorship to female residents, fellows, and faculty within the Department of Radiology of USC through a series of lectures and events that enhance professional collaboration, personal support, and broaden knowledge on how to achieve success and overcome barriers.
WORLD is dedicated to the development, promotion, and support of women physicians and scientists in the Department of Radiology at USC and to increasing the number of women entering the specialty of radiology.

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'In the future there will be no 'female leaders' just 'leaders'

Sheryl Sandberg

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